Q. How do I deliver  the Website you really want?
A. I apply a simple 5 step approach which comprises:-

  1. Agree a basic specification, ( purpose, pages, colours, content etc. )
  2. Design the site using the parameters agreed and content materials supplied.
  3. Get your approval of the basic design & content
  4. Build the site, test & document
  5. Set up hosting and Management system

Q. What is  needed  from you ?
A. Whilst I do most of the technical stuff , it will be your site  and so it will need your input in terms of :-

  1. Purpose and aims of the site, including your target audience.
  2. Photos or graphics to be used, this can also include video or slide presentations.
  3. List of topics or subject that the site should include.

Q. Why is Rhino Web Design different ?
A. Whilst  I don’t do this for free, I do it because I want to, not because I need to. Firstly,  any site I design has to meet or exceed the clients expectations, even if they  are not sure what those expectations actually are.  Secondly, I offer a broad  brush approach; its  non prescriptive and isn’t  based on  predefined templates  or limited in graphical content. Your site will be unique and as such will be a genuine reflection of your values and style.

Q. Can I choose any name for my site ?
A.  There is no short answer to this one!  Registration of your domain name  is subject to a number of rules and restrictions, the most significant being that  names are allocated on a first come basis and if someone else has registered the name you wanted to use then it will be ( in most cases )  impractical to have that exact version. However a simple variation ( e.g.  www.Rhino-webdesign.co.uk  rather than www.RhinoWebdesign.co.uk )  can usually sort things out. Sometimes its possible to use an existing name by using a different type of domain ( .com or .net instead of .co.uk ) but this has an impact on the SEO capability and has to be properly thought through.

Q. How long does it take to get a site up and running ?
A.  This depends on you more than me;  if you have a clear idea as to what you want and have all the material available then it could be as short as 1 week but typically  3 or 4  is more usual.

Q. What  if  you don’t like the website I design ?
A. Well put  simply, if I can’t deliver a site you’re happy with  you don’t pay me.  Therefore your only risk is perhaps a little of your time.  Moreover,  if I don’t think I can offer the type of site you want I will say so at the outset as it is not in my own interest to spend time on a project I don’t believe I can successfuly complete.

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