Covid 19

As a retired person, I guess the Lockdown should be easier for me.
I was already practicing separation, isolation and social distancing – I just hadn’t noticed.
It is true that this wretched virus has given many people the time to stop and analyse how they spend their time and allowed them to discover what is important in their lives.
Hobbies, health, nature and quality time spend with those close to us have gradually come back into focus and for some, a new life balance has emerged as a result.

Much has been said & written about the value of communication both for security and wellbeing.
Social media has provided a much-needed mechanism for isolated families & friends, colleagues and associations to maintain a degree of contact. The video technology of Skype, Zoom & Teams has proved a lifeline on both a personal & commercial level. Telephone conversations have made a resurgence, being favoured over text or emails since lockdown. Even the humble letter has made a comeback.

It seems to me that above all else we human beings need to communicate and will happily make use of whatever is available. Community is simply a shared desire to communicate and interact with others and hence as we widen the range of channels through which we communicate the more we strengthen the community in which we exist.
It’s good to talk, Skype, text or write to somebody – so do it today. Anyway, what else have you got to do in lockdown?

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