Don’t forget to take your tablets !

With good specification tablets now coming in at under £100 it has made communication, entertainment  and data exchange even easier.

Although Facebook and Twitter provide an excellent means to pass general information around , a website still has much to offer and can be a really effective tool for displaying  specific information; is easily navigated and is a convenient, stable point on the Web.

The increasing availability of  free WiFi hotspots are adding to the uptake  of the smartphone and tablet, rapidly eclipsing the laptop and PC in both  useage and new sales. Traditional  directories ( aka Yell. com) has been outpaced by Google and Yahoo and are destined to be confined  to the pages of history soon.  A website has never been easier to create or more relevant to the new media that is now the domain of the increasing Android dominated web.

Remember its important to keep taking the tablets

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