Live at Last

For those of you who may have visited this site over he last months to always be greeted by my rather basic holding page , then you could be forgiven for thinking that this was a very poor advert for a web design site. The truth is, as so many of you will understand, that when you are busy then it’s your needs that get the lowest priority. I’m reminded of a friend who once ran a Burger van, so busy that he sold his own lunch and had to go hungry and a florist who having received a birthday bouquet accidentally used it in preparing flowers for others.

Anyway, repeated jibes and daily haranguing from friends, clients and above all  own conscience has finally persuaded me that I must launch a “proper ” site.

I have taken the opportunity to build this site  using the popular  Wordpress  programme firstly as its primarily a blogging and contact site and secondly to explore the potential of  ordpress as the basis of  future personal and family websites.

My expience so far has been very positive and I can see that as the platform for a complete site or simply as a bolt on blogging page then  wordpress has much to offer.

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