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Having said I don’t do Commercial sites , I’ve been persuaded to help set up some sites for a couple of small businesses which wanted a presence on the Net  but were not actually transacting business through the Website.

In this case  a specialist Drainage and Plumbing company just wanted to showcase the range of services it offered and a Website provided a much more cost effective means than traditional  advertising route.

Hayling Island Dog Training Club


The brief, from a local Dog club, was for  a simple, light hearted but informative website designed to be attractive to  dog owners seeking pet training within the catchment area. 

Based on the precept that the people visiting this site were more interested in dogs than  gimicky web pages the site was built to display a full page on screen with little or no scrolling required. A simple navigation system, with relevant but concise information displayed in an easy to find and read format was also considered a fundemental requirement.  The club’s founder  commented ” Right from the outset we knew that this was our site , not someone else’s rehash or a flat prescription package.  At every stage we were really happy with way the site was concieved, designed and implemented and are truely delighted with the final product. We regulary recieve compliments and it has proved a real benefit, not just for our club but also for the local community  in which we operate.”