Rhino Web Design  was born out of an abiding interest in all modern forms of communication built on a solid foundation of  precision engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Using the internet as both a vehicle for sales and business promotion paralleled by an outlet  to share  an enthusiam and passion towards my hobbies and interests was enough to satisfy me for several years.  The growth of Social networks and blogging;  the  accessability and relatively low cost of webhosting  has radically changed the scope and practicality of having your own web or Blogsite.

A couple of  years ago I completed a  Level 3 Website Design Course and ever since  have wanted to help other people to set up a family, club or group website with the minimum of fuss and at the lowest possible cost.

I do not provide commercial type Website services and therefore do not charge corporate prices. My packages include the registration and hosting fees so the price I quote is for a completed site designed especially for you, up and working on the Web.

Take a look at the news & the FAQ  pages for more details or go to the contact page &  fill in the enquiry form  for a quote and  technical outline.

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